Construction Cleaning

The BRUCO mobile team ensures construction cleaning on a small, medium, and large scale.
Construction cleaning or also "post-construction cleaning" includes:
  • cleaning of rough construction refuse
  • machine or manual sweeping of floors
  • vacuuming of floors using an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • machine cleaning of floors using a disc cleaner
  • cleaning of floors using a washing automat
  • machine cleaning of large surfaces using a heavy-duty cleaning machine
  • washing of windows, shop-windows and glazed surfaces
  • complete cleaning of sanitary facilities, including fixtures
  • works at height, for example cleaning of light fixtures, HVAC, air-conditioning, etc...
  • power washing of various types of surfaces, facings and façades
  • impregnation and treatment of floors and other surfaces
  • other types of work characterized by the contract
We ensure the following as part of our complex service of construction cleaning:
  • provision of containers for construction refuse
  • removal and disposal of construction refuse

A mobile team of specialized workers performs construction cleaning throughout the entire Czech Republic.

Our references attest our experience in construction cleaning.