Cleaning of Carpets and Upholstery

The BRUCO mobile team carries out the following complex services:
  • vacuuming of carpets by an anvil rotational head
  • cleaning of carpets by the extraction method
  • cleaning of carpets by a disc machine and subsequent extraction cleaning
  • vacuuming of upholstery by a rotational brush
  • cleaning of upholstery by the extraction method
We clean slightly soiled carpets using a gentle extraction method.
Extraction cleaning is a cleaning method where the cleaning solution is sprayed onto the clean surface of a carpet or upholstery and subsequently extracted together with the grime into a collection tank. This process is performed repeatedly and finally the carpet is re-vacuumed to remove the remaining solution.
We clean large or extensively soiled carpet surfaces using a disc machine and subsequently the extraction method.
Cleaning using a disc machine is a cleaning method where the cleaning solution is applied by a disc machine on the clean carpet surface, foaming it by rotational movement of the brush. Then the carpet is brushed and the dirty solution is subsequently removed together with the foam, followed by extraction cleaning.

A mobile team of specialized workers performs cleaning on a larger scale throughout the Czech Republic.