Conservation and Maintenance of Floors

Our complex offer of cleaning services includes the conservation and maintenance of all types of floors which are carried out by the BRUCO mobile team during general floor cleaning, or as the case may be, during the laying of a new flooring or also as a maintenance service.
Floor treatment has a large effect on its appearance, extends its usable life and faciliates daily maintenance.
  • PVC treatment by protective emulsions and waxes
  • treatment of marble and terrazzo floors by protective emulsions and waxes
  • impregnation of tiling, marble, and terrazzos
  • marble and terrazzo crystalization
  • treatment of parquet and wood floors with impregnation oils
  • treatment of laminate floors with protective emulsions and waxes
  • impregnation of carpets
  • treatment of other types of floorings according to customer´s requirements
Within the scope of regular cleaning, we provide a complex floor caring system including the following activities - basic cleaning, treatment of surfaces and daily maintenance.

A mobile team of specialized workers performs the treatment of floors throughout the entire Czech Republic.